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well hello there....

Welcome to my little corner of the universe

I'm an intuitive artist, meaning I believe that when we let go of how art has to look, we're free to explore how it feels.


I also believe that art can heal us.


My preferred mediums are fiber, textile, concrete, and found objects with an affinity for huge installations and weird combinations of materials. There's nothing more exciting to me than a trip to The Home Depot or to the salvage yard! Check out my portfolio here!


I am also a poet and have been writing since I was 8 years old. I just released my very first full book of poetry

I make art every day and also offer workshops and intuitive art sessions to adults get freer in the face of blank art materials (the horror!). If you enjoy my work, visit the shop and pick up a piece, or set up a commission and talk to me about how we can work together.


At the very least, sign up for my awesome email list so I can share cool stuff with you!


Poetry by Steph Tanner 

This book is an intensely intimate collection of poems that has taken almost three decades to write. It is a love letter not only to myself but also to YOU. The words I have poured out onto these pages and the experiences that fueled them are universally felt. Love, loss, grief, pain, longing, sorrow...they are part of the human collective and I humbly offer them to you. 





upcoming events


intro to freeform tapestry weaving

Date:           February 29, 2020

Time:           11am - 2pm (3 hrs)

Location:    Lettersong Gallery

                    1501 Story Ave

                    Louisville, KY 40206


Come and join me for a relaxing workshop designed to tap into your own innate creativity. Freeform weaving is an intuitive, process-oriented way to explore traditional hand-weaving techniques to create a piece that is personal and unique. This class is perfect for anyone who has wanted to learn to weave but feel intimidated by the process OR for the weaver that wants to loosen up their technique and find their own voice.

Pricing:     $59 (All equipment and materials will be provided. If you wish to purchase your loom you will have the option in class)